100 Thieves unveils a primary 2022 jersey that even hockey fans can love

With the most decidedly un-wonderful time of the year not only upon us, but bringing endless days of grey rain and greyer skies on the West Coast, now’s a good time to do something for yourself to brighten things up. On that front, the ever-styling 100 Thieves team is here to help. The high-powered American esports gaming and lifestyle organization has unveiled its 2022 primary jersey.

Give the designers credit for finding a sweet spot between eye-popping and classic. What you get is basic black with a stark white collar and red bars on the chest and arms. For those who are rightly convinced that girls are way cooler than guys—or that pink is every bit as unisex a colour as burnt-orange, royal-purple, or Caribbean-sea blue—jersey also come with a pink collar.

Centred on the chest between the two red bars is the 100 Thieves logo.
Truth be told the design looks like a retro-themed alternative for an NHL team. Which is a complement because—sorry basketball, baseball, and lawn darts fans—everyone knows that no sports league has better jerseys than the NHL.

The jersey will be worn by all 100 Thieves competitive teams, and will make their official debut on the LCS stage. The drop takes place Friday (January 14) at noon pacific standard time. Those who like the world to know their favourite players—or enjoy having their own name on the back of their jersey—will have custom name options available to them.

How about something like “January is the cruelest month”. Or, more succinctly, “January Sucks”.

To get your hands on the 2022 regular season Jersey from the ever-styling 100 Thieves team, go here. And don’t forget to set a reminder on your phone because these things have a way of disappearing the second they first appear.

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