Afreeca Freecs raise a big question with today’s rebranding announcement

Afreeca Freecs

Talk about a missed opportunity to build some goodwill with the politically correct esports fans of the world. Today, brings news of a rebranding for Korea’s Afreeca Freecs.

That mostly means a swanky new logo. The thinking behind that logo, which features super-sleek lines, and a highly-stylized AF? Hop on Twitter and then, assuming that you don’t read Korean, hit the translate button. Almost magically, you’ll then see the following:

“The new team logo expresses the freedom and extraordinary personality of African Prix, who dreams of delightful experimentation based on a free and freaky philosophy.”

So where’s the missed opportunity in this rebranding for Korea’s Afreeca Freecs? That would be that maybe there should have been a name change as well.

Well let’s stop to consider the two horribly misspelled words Afreeca Freecs. Put them together, and they’d make a great name for an esports team based in Lagos, Nigeria. Or Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Or Nairobi, Kenya.

Hell, if you really wanted to push the envelope, you could make a case that Die Antwoord’s Yo-landi Visser and Ninja have more than earned the right to bill themselves as the most famous Afreeca Freecs on the continent.

Die Antwoord true Afreeca Freecs

And admittedly the primary reason for mentioning the Zef-culture-pimping rap duo here was it gives us an excuse to revisit “Fatty Boom Boom”. God love Lady Gaga for a whole host of reasons, but there’s no arguing that she totally blew things by getting into a war with Die Antwoord. Behold the beyond-totally-insane brilliance. Which raises its own question with the PC police that we’re not about to get into today.

Anyhow, back to Afreeca Freecs. Here’s the thing—the League of Legends team is based in Korea. And unless one or more of its players are suffering from the same pigmentation problem as Michael Jackson, no one on the team looks like they are from Africa. (That’s noted with the caveat that we’re well aware that not every person of Asian descent lives in Asia).

The question then becomes how the more PC among us would feel about an Africa-based esports team calling itself “Aisssiann Geeeks”. Or, getting more geographically specific, the “Koreeyan Weeerdos”.

But whatever. Far be it from us to prevent anyone or esports organization from flying their new and improved freec flag. Even if they aren’t from Afreeca.

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