Offside comments lead to Agit Katilmis being terminated by Vancouver Whitecaps

Agit “AgitPower” Katilmis, shown here after signing with the Whitecaps. Photo

Conventional wisdom—at least where legacy sports like hockey and soccer are concerned—is that trash-talking is part of the game. As for what’s said during the heat of battle, to paraphrase an old Vegas saying “What happens on the pitch or ice stays on the ice or the pitch.” Not so in the world of esports, where the whole world can not only tune but listen to inter-game commentary in real time. And that’s led to a hard lesson for Agit “AgitPower” Katilmis, who until the past 24 hours was an eMLS up-and-comer with the Vancouver Whitecaps.

The sports organization has announced the firing of Katilmis for “inappropriate and unprofessional comments” during an online game that took place recently. Along with Alex “Exraa” Gonzalez and Erfan “Skill Shack” Hosseini, Katilmis was one of the Whitecaps’ three esports players. He’s been with the esports wing of the MLS team since this past June.

During that time he proved himself a talent to watch out for, finishing second to D.C. United’s Mohamed (KingCJ0) Alioune Diop in PlayStation’s summer EA Sports FIFA 21 Global Series North American Playoffs. Hailing from Laval, Quebec, Katilmis collected a $20,000 paycheque for his playoff efforts.

Had there not been a hard lesson for Agit “AgitPower” Katilmis on crossing a line that shouldn’t have been crossed, he would have been headed to London, England for the August 6-8 FIFAe World Cup.

Here’s the official statement from the Whitecaps: “Effective immediately, Whitecaps FC have terminated the eMLS contract for player Agit Katilmis due to inappropriate and unprofessional comments made during a recent online game. The seriousness of the matter cannot be overstated and the club strongly condemns these comments.”

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