Apex Legends Autumn Circuit promises big money

Over US$500,000 will be there for the winning


There are many way to get rich, including the lottery and landing a multi-year contract as a professional hockey or basketball player. However, you could also throw your gaming hat into the world of Apex Legends.

Game developer Electronic Arts has announced that a prize pool of US$500,000 will be available for the Apex Legends Autumn Circuit.

Furthermore, players across the globe will be able to vie for a piece of the pie. Watch for action to kick off with regional competitions on October 3.

As has been the case with the Summer Circuit, all competition will take place online. The Summer Circuit, which is now in its final stages, has seen over 2,000 teams sign on.

As a response to the current COVID-19 crisis, in-person competition was moved to online. EA had originally hoped to showcase in-person action.

Last December EA looked forward to a very different kind of 2020 for Apex Legends and its Global Series.

The plan called for online competition to be followed by in-person live Challenger Events and then the majors.

Apex Legends impactful!

At that time, Apex competitive aming commissioner John Nelson came out with this declaration: “Apex Legends is one of the most impactful launches in videogame history and it possesses immense esports potential.

“Through close communication with our community, we’ve built an accessible Apex Legends ecosystem where any player can become a potential star while the world watches our unique, entertaining take on Battle Royale esports.”

Indeed, this year has definitely been unique as promised.

Watch for the Autumn Circuit to wrap just as winter comes knocking.

The championship takes place on December 20, meaning someone will be receiving an early Christmas present.

To get into the mix by registering, go here.

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