Apex Legends explosive expert Fuse launches a country career with “Outlaw’s Oath”

There are two kinds of music--county and western

Getting a handle on what Apex Legends old-timer Fuse is can be easier than listing all the things that he is not. And now we can add countrified folk “singer” to the list.

But let’s start with what’s he long been known for. The 54-year-old has been around long enough to understand what the ladies like, thus earning the title of freelance lothario. Add to that his skills as an explosives expert with something of a hair trigger. Raised on Salvo, he was arguably bred to become a mercenary. But he eventually gravitated towards doing bloody battle in the Bonecage, where he excelled to the point where it was “Next stop Apex Games!”

Flash forward to today, and we can now put another feather in Fuse’s cap.

As he approaches Freedom 55, the Apex Legends legend has no desire to ride off into the sunset. Instead he has stepped up with the Respawn title’s first-ever original song. Titled “Outlaw’s Oath”, it’s sung by Ben Prendergast (aka the voice of Fuse). The lyrics were written by Respawn’s Sam Gill and Manny Hagopian.

The job of any self-respecting singer-songwriter is, of course, to tell stories, preferably of a personal nature. Fuse does just that in “Outlaw’s Oath”, where he sings “In the Bonecage, I ride the victory road/In the Bonecage, I live to rock and load.”

Sonically, the tune is campfire country streaked with mesquite-sunset folk.

Remember that Apex Legends old-timer Fuse isn’t exactly a guitar newbie. Here’s how he once recounted his life story.

Back on Salvo, when I was just a welp with two arms, two eyes, and zero clue, my merc group got hired by a dairy farmer to bash some meatheads he thought were killin’ his livestock at night until he paid up. So we watched the fields, eatin’ the farmer’s cheese when a bloody massive momma Prowler is on us. She’d been the one wreckin’ the farmer’s lives, and she set to wreckin’ ours by swallowin’ my best mate. So I dove in after her. I was neck-deep in her neck when I realized I didn’t have a plan to get us out. With classic timing, that farmer’s cheese turned over in my guts, and it came to me. I pulled the pins off every gas grenade we had. The momma ripped a huge belch, pal and me go flyin’, and the Momma barreled off, gas comin’ out both ends. The farmers tried to pay us in cheese, but I nearly had a spew. So they gave me a guitar instead. And that’s the story of my first six-string.

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