Apple and Fortnite developer Epic Games continue to prove some relationships are difficult

Some relationship squabbles are nastier than others, even after a mediator gets involved to try and smooth things over. That’s certainly proving to be the case where Apple and Fortnite are concerned. Developer Epic Games has released an email charging that Apple had decided to continuing punish the company responsible for Fortnite.

In a Tweet that read “Just last week, Epic agreed with Apple that we would play by the same rules as everyone else.”, Epic CEO Tim Sweeney posted letter a letter which you can read here.

Apple then responded that it’s not doing anything on the matter until all legal options have been exhausted. That might take as long as five years. Which is more or less how long it might take to see Fortnite back in full operational mode on your favourite Apple device.

As reported here and elsewhere over the past year, the squabble dates back to 2020. Apple disabled Epic’s accounts in its App store after the developer began offering in-app purchases on its own platform. The problem there? That would be that Apple get a 30 percent cut of purchases made through its App store. It gets nothing when purchases are made through Epic’s platform.

So Apple basically decided that it was done allowing Epic to use the app store only when it suited the developer. Upon having its developer account shut down, Epic promptly cried foul and the matter ended up in court.

Where Apple and Fortnite are concerned, it looked like there was going to be some sort of closure on September 10 of this year. That’s when a California court ruled that Apple was to allow developers to include third-party in-app purchase options. Apple has also made concessions on its own, allowing powerhouse apps like Spotify and Netflix to sell add-ons within their own platforms.

But where Apple and Fortnite are concerned, Apple has evidently decided to dig in. The game isn’t coming back to iOS devices anytime soon.

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