Apple may be venturing into the realm of ESports

Medhat Dawoud / Unsplash

Following Apple’s release of its light-duty gaming program, Apple Arcade, the company is shifting its focus toward hard-core gaming.

With the ESports industry in its sights, Apple has announced that it will be coming out with a unit designed for heavy-duty gaming—a unit that’ll run anything and everything. Although no confirmed specifications have been released, the expected price (according to analysts) is approximately $5,000.

With the massive growth of the ESports industry, it should come as no surprise that Apple wants in on the fun. If anything, we should be surprised they haven’t jumped in sooner.

Analysts expect ESports stocks to climb rapidly in the next few years. Deloitte predicted in 2018 that the global eSports market would soon be generating $1.5 billion in annual revenues and have a following of over 600 million fans.

Apple is no doubt planning on investing in ESports. The question is “When?” The company certainly has the financial might to do whatever it wants in the industry. After all, it is a titan among companies and would make a fantastic addition to the field.

With Apple set to make some big announcements in the coming weeks or months, we can all expect the ESports industry to undergo massive increases. Not just in value, but in popularity. Only time will tell how Apple plays a role in ESports events, so stay tuned for more. You won’t regret it.

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