Apple war with Epic over Fortnite heads to court next May

Set the popcorn maker, with the caveat that you’re going to have to wait a little longer than you might have hoped. As you’ve seen on these digital pages over the past couple of months, tech giant Apple is in a war with Epic games. At the centre of the fight is Epic’s Fortnite. And, more specifically, the way that Apple demands a 30 percent cut of everything in its App store.

Epic made a move earlier this year to have fans of the game purchase add-ons directly from its own site. Apple responded by banning Fornite from its app store. From there things were dragged into the courts.

Epic has argued Apple has a monopoly on app distribution. Apple has argued that Epic either has to play by the rules, or find another place to peddle its game. A court case in mid-September of last year ruled that Apple was under no obligation to return Fortnite to the app store.

Epic and Apple do battle

Today brings news that Apple and Epic will meet in court next on May 3, 2021. The focus of the trial will be Apple’s overwhelming monopoly on the way that apps are distributed.

Those who purchased Fortnite before its removal are still able to play the game. Where things get frustrating for users is on the updates front. Those on iOs have been shut out of updates since mid-August when Fortnite was removed. New user on iOS 14 meanwhile can’t access the game.

Making that a hard pill to swallow for fans, Riot rolled out a Marvel theme shortly after the ban. Yes Apple is in a war with Epic.

Apple terminated Epic’s account

Apple kicked the feud up a notch by terminating Epic’s developer account. The developer can no longer publish games on the Apple platform, and Epic can’t reapply for a licence for a year.

If there’s any positive side to this, it’s that by taking on a giant Epic has got all sorts of free publicity for Fortnite. And, with the court date seven months away, you’ll have plenty of time to make sure the popcorn maker is ready for a workout.

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