Astralis set to open flagship store in Tivoli Gardens in June


This is turning out to be a year of new ventures for Astralis.

Last month, for example, the Danish esports organization announced that it had launched a new “cross-cultural initiative” with Universal Music. The first fruits of that deal? A song called “To the Stars” featuring Copenhagen-based singer-songwriter Mattis Jakobsen:

What’s more, this week the company announced its first-ever Astralis Flagship Store in Copenhagen. The store will be located in Tivoli Gardens, an iconic amusement park that sees more than 4 million visitors every year.

According to a press release, the Astralis Flagship Store will feature a state-of-the-art esports and gaming experience and will sell the latest team merchandise.

Something for everyone

“With Astralis in focus, we’re combining all the positives of gaming and esports with more traditional family entertainment,” said Astralis Group CEO Anders Hørsholt. “There will be a lot of different activities in the store catering to the very diverse audience of esports. The hard-core fans will enjoy all the new ways to dive deeper into the Astralis universe, gamers will enjoy state-of-the art gaming facilities and we expect to have a fully booked calendar with events of different kinds—with gaming as the common denominator.”

In December, the amusement park shut down in order to comply with government COVID-19 regulations. This meant the cancellation of the annual Christmas in Tivoli event. However, the park intends to open for its regular 2021 season on March 27.

The Astralis Flagship Store will be accessible through Tivoli and also from the street. It is slated to officially open on June 1.

Astralis is best known for its Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team. Most recently, the CS:GO squad took first place in DreamHack Masters Winter 2020 Europe and IEM Global Challenge 2020. The organization also fields teams in FIFA and League of Legends.

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