AT&T annouces a 100 Thieves collaboration where everyone wins

Depending on which side of the playing field you’ve planted yourself on—big tech or esports—someone has just cashed in big by hooking up with a titan. On the suits, ties, and corporate side of the ledger we have AT&T. On the sneakers, tracksuits, and video monitors front, there’s 100 Thieves. And the two have announced a mutually beneficial deal. with AT&T an official 100 Thieves sponsor.

The deal will have the communications giant lending its clout to the Los Angeles-based gaming and lifestyle esports organizations.

As part of a multi-year deal, AT&T will act the organizational sponsor for the entire 100 Thieves organization, as well as the presenting sponsor for its VALORANT team. That team of course just took home top prize at the VALORANT First Strike North American Finals.

AT&T will also create a VALORANT training room at 100 Thieves‘ much-ballyhooed Cash App Compound. The VALORANT Training Room will be stocked with the company’s cutting-edge tech products and services.
Because branding is everything in these times, the telecom companys logo will be splashed all over 100 Thieves jerseys, as well as on whatever limited-edition merch is rolled out on drops over the course of a given year.

In return 100 Thieves will be responsible for generating original gaming as well as live events which will shine a spotlight on AT&T Fiber and 5G innovations.

AT&T and 100 Thieves admire each other

In announcing the deal, AT&T assistant vice-president of sponsorships Shiz Suzuki said, “100 Thieves continues to push the envelope in the gaming industry with an unmatched blend of esports and gaming tastemakers. Their approach to content and elevating and supporting women in gaming is something we share as a brand. We can’t wait to power their efforts as a network while also creating cultural moments together, putting the fans at the center of everything we do.”

Who wins here now with AT&T an official 100 Thieves sponsor? No matter which side of the playing field you’re one it kind of looks like a two-way tie for first.

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