#BLK10 and #PNK10 esports leagues kick off their inaugural seasons


Gamers, get ready to meet #BLK10 and #PNK10.

And you though Blackpink was a K-pop girl group.

Well, actually, Blackpink is a K-pop girl group.

#BLK10 and #PNK10, however, have nothing whatsoever to do with that inexplicably named processed-entertainment product.

They do have everything to do with esports, though.

To clarify, #BLK10 is a new college esports league that Black eSports Network (BESN.TV) is launching just in time to close out Black History Month. Week 1, which kicks off on Thursday (February 25), will focus on fighting games, including Tekken 7, and Street Fighter V.

As for #PNK10, it’s an all-women’s esports league that BESN.TV is launching next month. Again, the timing is well-planned, with March 8 being International Women’s Day. (To read more about women in gaming, check out our article about five of the most important female figures in esports.)

Both leagues will be broadcasting through YouTube Gaming, Facebook, Twitch, and the Black eSports Network website.

Thanks to HyperX’s sponsorship with BESN.TV, the tournament’s firs-t, second-, and third-prize winners will receive HyperX gaming gear, along with scholarship money for their schools.

In a press release, HyperX marketing coordinator Vince Quan said, “We at HyperX are proud to come aboard as the official gaming peripheral partner for the first season of BESN.TV’s #BLK10 and #PNK10 esports leagues.  BESN.TV’s vision of promoting the representation for gamers of colour aligns perfectly with HyperX’s goal to support gaming communities and esports of all kinds.”

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