Bud Light and Evil Geniuses partner in a deal that shows the importance of esports

If one thing is for certain in the Budweiser corporate boardroom, it’s that the marketing team understands that the sporting world no longer stops at football, baseball, and chess boxing for sports fans. Esports has proven an area that brewing giant Anheuser-Busch is desperate to make inroads in. Which explains a new deal teaming Bud Light and Evil Geniuses.

Bud Light has signed on as a partner for the Seattle-based esports gaming and lifestyle organization. As part of the deal, you don’t need a degree in marketing or brewing to guess what the official beer brand of Evil Geniuses will be moving forward.

But the key to the deal will be having both organizations working together on content activations which will be rolled out on the social channels of Bud Light and Evil Geniuses.

The partnership will see both entities collaborate on a range of content activations across Evil Geniuses’ and Bud Light’s channels. One of the first initiatives will be a series called “Evil Intercepts”, where fans will get in-game commentary from team players during all League of Legends LCS games.

Players who will participate in Evil Intercepts will include SonicFox, FearItself, Swim, and dekillsage, with all them broadcasting on “Bud Light Streams” hosted on Bud Light’s Twitch channel.

Evil Geniuses isn’t the first team to enter the Bud Light stratosphere. Last month Anheuser-Busch sewed up a similar deal with Team Liquid. Bud Light also serves as the official sponsor beer.

The announcement follows a similar partnership Bud Light secured with Team Liquid last month. The beer brand is also a sponsor for the LCS.

Predictably, spokesmen for both companies were thrilled to be in business together. Evil Geniuses chief revenue officer Michael Fudzinski said the beer brand has shown continued support for esports.

“Bud Light is renowned for their support of elite organisations across sports and entertainment,” he said, “and the pairing with EG and our 21+ year history represents the latest continuation of this legacy that our fans and the community will celebrate.”

Bud Light marketer Joe Barnes meanwhile called the deal a sign that the company is always looking for new ways to reach new audiences, including esports fans.

“Our new partnership with Evil Geniuses gives us an opportunity to further engage LCS fans,” he said. “We look forward to bringing 21+ gaming fans even more unique gaming content on our Twitch channels which is perfect for both our established fanbase and for those just getting into esports.”

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