Call of Duty League announces plans for its sophomore season

Next year things are going to be better.


Call of Duty League

Not to state the obvious, but the 2020 Call of Duty League season wasn’t exactly what anyone was hoping to see this year. Hopes for in-person play and large-scale LAN events were—like so many other things— torpedoed by COVID-19. But that hasn’t stopped Call of Duty League plans for 2021. Today, CDL announced its sophomore season, and it will include some format changes.

Tournaments will be a big thing, with Majors seeing 12 teams doing battle in double-elimination action.

First up though, the regular season. That will consist of five different stages, each building up to a Majors tournament. Seeding for the Majors will be set by how teams do in five-group play.

Every victory in the season will count for something, with teams compiling CDL points for every match win in 2021. The Majors will also give teams the chance to earn bonus points. Where that becomes important is for the playoffs. Eight teams will qualify for those playoffs.

Format-wise, teams will wage war in best-of-five matches, each featuring four-on-four competition. That four-on-four format was something the Call of Duty league returned to back in August.

Call of Duty League plans for 2021 also include a switch on the system that gameplay will take place on. The inaugural season had players taking to the digital battle field on Playstation 4.

CDL action on PCs

For 2021, action will take place on PCs, with all competitors using controllers that have been approved by the league.

With the world still very much upside down thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s no surprise that the upcoming season hasn’t totally been set in stone yet. No kick-off date for 2021 has been announced, and there’s no announced date for the Majors.

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