Call of Duty League playoffs have had serious connectivity problems

Issues have plagued three matches.


Sometimes the best of intentions don’t make everyone happy. The Call of Duty League is learning that as it tries to navigate the playoffs while keeping everyone safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Normally, players would gather in an arena for in-person competition. But with COVID-19 disrupting life as we once knew it, players are doing battle by remote.

And that’s where the problems have started.

As reported by ESPN and confirmed by embittered ranting on Twitter, the playing field is not level in these playoffs.

In a series featuring the Toronto Ultra against the London Royal Ravens, the latter team’s Trei “Zer0” Morris was kicked from the server. And playing shorthanded, the Ravens eventually ended up the losers.

The incident isn’t isolated. Similar connection issues marked a Wednesday elimination match featuring the Los Angeles Guerrillas.

Furthermore, the issues have led to plenty of discussion on Twitter. Among the most vocal is Matthew “Skrapz” Marshall of the Royal Ravens.

Connectivity a big problem

On Twitter he notes that during all three series connectivity problems have reared up: “we’ve seen someone lag out 3 times already. $4.6 million on the line. Talking house money, life changing”.

However he is staying positive with comments like “Us 4 kept it together didn’t say a thing about it and tried 4v5ing it. That’s Trei’s first time since being in this team he’s lagged out. Like I said I’m used to this, how many times is this now? We stay positive and make the losers run #6thRaven”.

Then again, he adds: “I’m used to being robbed.”

And skrapzg is not alone in voicing his displeasure with the way the Call of Duty League playoffs are playing out.

Below is a sample of what other players are saying. The Call of Duty League playoffs continue to unfold. As will, no doubt, the considerable drama that comes with trying to make the best of a COVID-19 world.

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