Call of Duty League hints at some sort of LAN-like return to normalcy

In person may or may not be an option

Getting a handle on this entirely endless COVID-19 pandemic thing can sometimes be difficult. On the one hand, it looks like, more than any other time since this whole mess started, there’s hope. In Canada nearly 8 million people have received at least one vaccination shot. Down south in the United States of America there’s been talk that everyone who wants the magic jab will have one by July. Heck, they are even holding concerts in places like Australia and Jerusalem. And that makes today’s Call of Duty LAN news very exciting.

Word has been leaking from both professional players and COD League teams that the days of remote competition may be coming to a close. What’s being hinted at is a return to LAN network play, where players get together in person on computers that have been physically connected together. Ie. Not in cyberspace, but by everyone sitting together in the same room.

Great news right? Well, yes, except for one small wrinkle. And that’s that while players are practically chomping at the bit, there has been absolutely no confirmation from the COD League that this is likely to happen. The league’s tag generator, however, left fans wondering what exactly is up.

No matter how one answers random questions about year of birth, initials, and a favourite Call of Duty team, the CDL name generator spit out a tag that reads as follows: BACK2LAN.

There of course hasn’t been a LAN tournament or play since the world was upended last spring by COVID-19. Instead, competition has taken place on the web, which has led to all sorts of issues with things like connectivity and server speeds. So if LAN events do roar back for Call of Duty League?

Let’s just say that for all the progress we’ve made, COVID-19 remains an ongoing concern. Yes, vaccinations continue to be rolled out quickly in the world’s more developed countries. But at the same time, you know how many people on the planet have received both vaccinations shots? Step forward if you guessed 2.3 percent. We’ve come a long way. Despite today’s Call of Duty LAN news, we have a longer way to go.

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