Candy Crush lands a Kardashian as it moves into the world of tournament play

One of the world’s most popular mobile games has just hooked up with one of the planet’s most high-profile socialites. And the union is part of a new tournament where the payoff is bragging rights as well as a year’s supply of highly coveted gold bars. Khloé Kardashian and Candy Crush are now officially in business.

Starting on September 23, the Candy Crush All Stars U.S. tournament will feature players who’ve managed to claw their way to level 25 in Candy Crush Saga on an Apple or Android device. Unfortunately for those living in Canada, Europe, Asia, or the caves of Afghanistan, competition is only open to those in the U.S.

Overseeing all the action will be Kardashian, who is most famous for, well, being a Kardashian. Evidently she’s a Candy Crush fan. Or is at least being paid to pretend that she’s one.

In a release announcing that Khloé Kardashian and Candy Crush are in business, she said, “I love competition, and I’m a fan of the game, so hosting this tournament is super fun for me. Anyone who knows me knows that I think I’m the most competitive in my family, and it’s no different when it comes to Candy Crush. This game has always provided an outlet for me to release my inner competitor. The All-Stars tournament offers the perfect opportunity to take my crushing skills to the next level. I wish the best of luck to everyone playing and look forward to crowning the first-ever Candy Crush All Star! For now, get those fingers warmed up and get practicing!”

Qualifying rounds for Candy Crush All Stars U.S. will take place from September 23 to October 7. Players will also be able qualify in two wild card rounds. Once qualified, winning Candy Crush aces will progress through the quarter finals, and semi-finals. The digital final takes place in November. That’s when Kardashian will anoint America’s first Candy Crush All Star, as well as handing over a years’ supply of gold bars.

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