Carleton University is launching an ESports league that will be called OPSE

A lot of university students like to play video games.

Carleton University is starting an ESports league. The OPSE will begin this fall. OPSE stands for Ontario Post-Secondary Esports, and it will be open to postsecondary institutions across the province.

Teams will be able to compete in Rocket League, Overwatch, League of Legends, and Hearthstone. All of those games are very popular with ESports fans.

Preseason action for the OSPE gets under way at the beginning of the semester. There is no way of knowing what that semester will look like.

That is because the world is in the middle of COVID-19 pandemic. A COVID-19 lockdown in the spring led to students staying home rather than attending classes.

As a result, a decision will have to be made this fall. Maybe students will attend physical classes. Maybe they will take classes by remote. No one can predict what will happen.

The OPSE preseason starts in September. After that preseason, a regular season will begin in October. League playoffs take place in March 2021. An OPSE championship takes place at the end of that month.

Good news!

There is good news for students who might have loans to pay off. The winner of the playoffs get money. That amount has yet to be determined. Other good news is that the winning team will also get to take home a trophy.

Located in Ottawa, Carleton University is one of the biggest postsecondary institutions in Canada. It normally has a student population of approximately 32,000 students. That number might change with fall, with social distancing likely to remain a thing until a COVID-19 vaccine is found.

The Carlton Ravens will be the first team in the OPSE. Still, hopefully other teams from other universities will also join the league. A lot of university students really like to play video games like Overwatch and League of Legends.

In recognition of that, many universities across North America are now offering ESports programs as a way to attract new students.

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