Charity the big winner as teams for Twitch Rivals Streamer Bowl II are set


As bedfellows go, they are certainly strange ones. Here’s a challenge: see if you can figure out what Old Spice, Samsung, Turbo Tax, Capital One, Verizon, Doritos, State Farm have in common. And then, throw a bunch of NFL players into the mix. Chances are you guessed Super Bowl, which is famous for television ads which can blow an entire year’s marketing budget in 30 seconds You should have guessed Twitch Rivals Streamer Bowl II.

The second edition of the charity event takes place on February 4. Yesterday teams were finalized, with 30 three-person squads featuring a mix of professional NFL players, top-ranked Fortnite players, and content generators from across multiple platforms. Those teams will compete for US$1 million which will go the charity of choice for the winning teams.

Twitch Rivals Streamer Bowl II has come together thanks to a coordinated effort from Twitch Rivals, the NFL Players Association, and Epic Games (which is the organization responsible for Fortnite).

As with any major event where there’s big money in play you need someone to kick in the dollars. That’s where the marketers at Verizon, Samsung, Old Spice, State Farm, and Doritos come into play.

Every major NFL-associated event needs a half-time show, and the Twitch Rivals Streamer Bowl II is no different. Those tuning in will see a Rocket League half-time extravaganza featuring the likes of George Kittle and Trent Taylor from the San Francisco 49ers and high-profile streamers Chell, Athena, and SunlessKhan.

Every team gets to help a charity

All teams will win something for charity. The top finishing squad gets to present a US$250,000 cheque to the charity of its choice. Second-place gets to send US$150,000 to its charity, followed by US$100,000 for third. The bottom 10 teams each get US$7,500 to distribute.

Twitch Rivals Streamer Bowl II goes live at 2 pm EST February 4. You can watch the action on the Twitch Rivals channel.

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Here are the full teams. We’ll leave it up to you to wonder who makes the strangest bedfellows.

  • SypherPK, Kyler Murray, Committedg
  • aircool, Keenan Allen, grimfnx
  • Reverse2k, Baker Mayfield, UltimateGG_
  • Prospering, Saquon Barkley, akaseek
  • Fresh, Justin Jefferson, ritix
  • Nate Hill, Christian McCaffrey, JonJon69
  • Aydan, Jarvis Landry, Toomzy
  • DuckyTheGamer, Dalton Schultz, Senexfn
  • ops1x, Kenyan Drake, 32wanted
  • Chap, James Daniels, prevalesfnbr
  • JuanSGuarnizo, Rick Lovato, Code-cloutzzy
  • Zemie, Calvin Ridley, Nevify
  • sparkles_qt, Graham Glasgow, norcalnugz
  • Clix, Tarik Cohen, Xacial
  • Bugha, Kurt Benkert, dnspecfn
  • StableRonaldo, Avonte Maddox, DrizzyFA
  • Scoped, JuJu Smith-Schuster, bounce_maxo
  • Tocata, Malcolm Elmore, Zipknow
  • Sommerset, Jake Burt, axytal
  • NICKMERCS, Logan Wilson, aliens_fn
  • Loserfruit, Amani Oruwarlye, crazyggs
  • Nick Eh 30, Trey Quinn, Dawnswrld
  • EmadGG, Lynn Bowden, Savixc
  • Alixxa, Austin Ekeler, jaceimdone
  • LosPollosTV, Chase Claypool, CBearFN
  • Ewok, Kyle Van Noy, mojo1x
  • Tfue, Aaron Jones, grffinmat
  • elded, Eddie Vanderdoes, adanfnn
  • Ninja, Corbin Kaufusi, BeastAFK

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