Clash of Clans World Championship set for November 27 to 29



It might not garner the same mainstream-press attention as, say, the LoL Worlds or the Overwatch League Grand Finals. Make no mistake about it, though—the Clash of Clans World Championship is a big deal.

How big? Well, consider that more than 36 million players and two million teams from around the world participated in the in-game Clan War Leagues or ESL Play pre-qualifier tournaments. They were all vying for a chance to be eligible for the monthly qualifiers. Said monthly qualifiers were, of course, initially scheduled to take place at the brand-new ESL Arena Katowice. However, ESL and the game’s publisher, Supercell, opted to move to an online format. For that we can thank our old friend, the coronavirus pandemic.

The Clash of Clans World Championship—happening November 27 to 28—will take place online, too. That’s good news for esports fans. It means all the action will be streaming live on the Clash of Clans YouTube channel.

The world’s top eight teams

Viewers will be able to watch the world’s top eight teams face off for their share of the US$1 million prize pool and the bragging rights that come with being anointed World Champions. ATN.aTTaX, Vatang, Ni Chang Dance, x6tence, Darkest MuZhan, and QueeN Walkers earned their spots in the World Championship Finals by winning one of six monthly qualifiers. The final two wildcard spots were filled in a special round of online voting by fans. H.T Family and eleVen Original earned the most votes and a ticket to the World Finals.

“We can’t wait to watch these fantastic teams square off against each other later this month,” Clash of Clans Game Lead Eino Joas said in a press release. “We have been consistently in awe of the calibre of talent that we see from the community in these monthly qualifiers, and it only continues to grow. This year more than ever, we’re so grateful to be able to bring together such a passionate community of players and fans.”

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