Queensland University study shows gamers aren’t obese and lazy

Luckily, most pro esports gamers don't look like Comic Book Guy. Or like this. Voyagerix/iStock/Getty Images Plus

It’s not exactly a news flash that video game junkies have something of an image problem as being obese and lazy. Think Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons, only with a joystick in one hand, a double-mayo hoagie in the other, and a garbage pail of grape soda between his thighs. Sitting in a basement where the only source of natural light is a window that hasn’t been opened since Barack Obama was a senator.

Gamers are often portrayed as folks who don’t leave the keyboard unless they have to, don’t eat anything that can’t be popped out of the Kirkland-brand box and into the oven, and who avoid playing actual sports like the plague.

Why get your butt kicked on the soccer field in the local park, when you can kick digital ass on FIFA 21?

A new study from the Queensland University of Technology however suggests that the average gamer is possibly healthier than you and everyone you know. And that’s interesting when you consider a number of high-profile esports athletes have walked away from the game this year citing both mental and physical health concerns. Hope you are doing okay Jian “Uzi” Zihao.

The study took a look at 1,400 professional gamers from across the world. Findings included that, where most of us tend to start happy hour around 2 p.m., Esports athletes are almost 64 percent more likely than the average person to abstain from alcohol. On those who do imbibe, only .5 percent do so daily.

Across the planet almost 19 percent of people smoke. Only 3.7 percent of Esports pros smoke.

Only four percent of gamers are obese!

As far as the overweight and underactive stereotype goes, the study suggests only 4 percent of paid gamers fall under the category of morbidly obese. As for the other 96 percent, they tend to spend at least one hour a day doing rigorous physical exercise, which not only reduces stress but sharpens reflexes for gameplay.

Interestingly, the top tier players exercised more than the lower tier players.

The major thing to keep in mind here is, or course, that those who participated in the study are, as noted professional games.

In other words, if you’re obese and lazyy and currently sitting in a basement you haven’t left for two weeks with nothing but a bucket and cold Kentucky Fried Chicken and Rocket League to keep you company, please get outside and do something.

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