Clash Royale League will be more accessible than ever in 2021

Sometimes, competitive gaming can seem as if it’s out of reach of the everyday player with no big-time team affiliation.

Supercell gets it. The Finnish game developer just announced a new format for the 2021 Clash Royale League. All competitions will now be single-player. And that single player need not be part of a professional esports organization.

According to the official announcement from Supercell, this means “anyone can play”. Mind you, if you actually want to compete for the prize pool of over US$1.5 million, you’ll need to be one of the best Clash Royale players in the world. The top 1,000 players will qualify by topping the in-game leaderboard.

What to expect from Clash Royale in 2021

Here’s what to expect from the 2021 CRL League, which kicks off January 4:

  • The 2021 CRL League will feature 8 seasons, each comprising a Royal Rumble, a monthly qualifiers and a monthly final
  • All players can compete to earn a spot in the top 1,000 every month and make it to monthly qualifiers
  • The Global Leaderboard will track League points gathered at each event during the year 
  • The top 24 players with the highest amount of points by end of September will qualify to compete at the 2021 Clash Royale League World Finals
  • In October, the last chance qualifier will allow the players with the next highest points to compete for the remaining 8 spots to world finals
  • The CRL World Finals will see the top 32 players compete for the Golden Crown Trophy and their share of the prize pool

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