Competitive Fortnite world has suddenly got less cool with Cooler closure

Not to make light of a situation that no one wanted to happen, but sometimes you get a story that writes its own lead. So, with that in mind, and apologies to all involved, the world of competitive Fortnite has suddenly got a lot less Cooler thanks to news out of London.

Today has brought news that the U.K.-based esports and lifestyle organization Cooler has decided to pull the plug. With backers that included professional French poker player Rui Cao and French film director Edouard Debrousse, Cooler first came into being in 2018.

While the organization has found some success in Apex Legends, it’s in Fortnite where it has totally excelled. First came a Fortnite World Cup Duos Championship win for David “Aqua” Wang and Emil “Nyhrox” Bergquist Pedersen. That was followed by wins in Cash Cups, FNCS, and LAN events.

But despite such successes, COVID-19 has been the one thing that Cooler esports was unable to conquer.

In a statement posted on Twitter, the company wrote: “Sadly, today will be the last active day of Cooler Esports as we close our operations after lengthy consideration. We have unfortunately reached this decision due to financial reasons, accelerated by COVID-19.”

It went on to thank everyone who has supported, or been a part of the team with “To our fans across the world, we have loved representing you in and out of game, with you backing our players and rooting to see Cooler on top. To the players, staff and friends we’ve met, we wish you the best and cherish the victories and laughs we had with you all.”

If anything, the a lot less Cooler news proves that the COVID-19 pandemic continues to ruin businesses in a way that no one could have seen coming. Professional esports has been particularly hard hit because it’s prevented fans, as well as players and support staff, from gathering in person for high-profile events.

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