One of biggest events in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive play is officially going online

The Intel Extreme Masters will be played online on October 6.

One of biggest events in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive play is officially going online. The Intel Extreme Masters goes forward online on October 6.

It’s now played online because of COVID-19.

If too many people end up attending an event in person, there is a possibility of people getting sick. One of the ways that COVID-19 spreads is through close contact.

Therefore, if a lot of people end up in close quarters in an enclosed area, there is a chance of the virus spreading.

Indeed, that means that live events are not a good idea. So as a result, ESL’s high-profile IEM event in New York has to be played online. That action starts on October 6.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

What is the purpose of the IEM? That is a good question.
Teams get the chance to battle in Valve Regional Major Ranking competition. They play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The great thing about that is the chance to pile up points. What good are points? That is also a good question.

Points can be accrued and used to meet qualification requirements for the ESL One Rio Major. That major was supposed to take place in May. But then COVID-19 happened.

As a result, it had to be rescheduled for November.

However, who knows if that even will take place in November? The odds do not look good with the world in the middle of a COVID-19 pandemic.

A lot of cheddar!

There will be a lot of money up for grabs in RIO. How much money? That is also a good question. Here is how much money: a prize pool of US$2 million. Talk about a lot of cheddar!

The plan is for the ESL One Rio Major to host 24 teams. However, those teams will come from the CIS, Europe, and North American divisions.

The IEM will host 32 teams. It will be the last opportunity for CS:GO teams to qualify for RIO.

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