Daniel Mertz exits from CS:GO for a new career in VALORANT

Daniel Mertz/Twitter.

Sometimes the greatest gift that a pro athlete in a funk can ask for is a fresh start. In informal terms it’s known as a change of scenery. And those who’ve benefited from it over the past few years have included baseball star Sonny Gray and hockey player Max Domi. There have been plenty of esports talents who’ve decided that a change of scenery would do them good over the past couple of years. The likes of Jay “Sinatraa” Won and Ryan “Freakazoid“ Abadir left the games that made them famous for new starts in VALORANT. Now Daniel “mertz” Mertz is changing things up by leaving CS:GO to restart his career in VALORANT.

The Danish esports athlete announced the news on Twitter. Amongst his hopes is that he’ll be reaching “new objectives in another environment”.

The man known as “mertz” first rocketed onto the scene six years ago as a member of the Eastern Vikings. His performance there vaulted him to North Academy and eventual wins at DreamHack Open Tours in 2018.
That represented something of a career pinnacle to date, with subsequent stints with x6tence, Nordavind, and Copenhagen Flames not amounting to much.

So, VALORANT it is, which might not be the worst move. Since launching last year the game has proven an instant hit. As it’s still relatively new, it’s also a game where the future is still being written, which is to say that there are no legends yet, but instead those looking to make a name for themselves.

Daniel “mertz” Mertz is changing things up. And that’s better than spinning his wheels hoping that things are going to get better.

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