Dating is about to get a lot more competitive with Game Time


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Still trying to find your Player 2? Let’s face it: when you spend all your time playing Fortnite, dating can be a challenge. (Unless your name is luvstruck, in which case getting a date is probably about as challenging as breathing.)

Oh, sure, there are matchmaking sites aimed specifically at video gamers, like GamerDating. But where’s the fun in that? Anyone can use a dating website or app. And while you can make a valid argument that the dating scene is competitive enough as it is, gamers tend to like adding just a little extra challenge to things.

Yesterday we told you about EGLX Digital 2020, the big online event hosted by Enthusiast Gaming. What we didn’t mention, however, is that EGLX will include something called The Dating Game, which purports to be based on the classic game show of the same name. TikTok star and “viral personality” Tori Pareno hosts, “with popular couples in the gaming entertainment universe tasked to answer revealing questions about their relationship”.

Wait a sec, that’s not The Dating Game at all; it’s The Newlywed Game!

Game Time

Lonely game geeks need not despair, however. Turns out there’s a show for you after all. We just got word (by which I mean a press release) of a forthcoming live-streamed dating show called Game Time.

Game Time hosts Catherine Corcoran and Jordan Rock.

According to the aforementioned press release, “bachelors and bachelorettes get to select and compete against suitors for the ultimate gamer dream date.” Contestants will include YouTube stars, esports champions, DJs, and NBA players.

The series is the brainchild of Shaon Berry, the founder of Metro Esports and Entertainment. Berry says “Video game competition becomes a lot more exciting when the first prize wins the man or woman of your dreams. Our talent is diverse, and their backstories are compelling and most importantly, with all the complicated realities of millennial dating the competition definitely isn’t friendly, and we absolutely love it.”

Production on Game Time began this week in Atlanta. The pilot will debut exclusively on Capitol—although when exactly that will be is apparently a closely guarded secret.

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