David Beckham’s Guild makes LSE history

The man succeeds at whatever he does


Guild Esports

During a career that made him one of the most recognizable soccer players to ever take to the pitch, David Beckham excelled at whatever he did. As if shining with the legendary Manchester United wasn’t enough, he went on to achieve celebrity icon status. That was thanks to stints with the LA Galaxy and Real Madrid. We can now add ESports to Beckham’s successes.

At the end of June, Mr. Posh Spice announced that he was taking the plunge into the world of ESports. The soccer legend took a healthy chunk of his portfolio and put it into United Kingdom startup Guild Esports.

The goal? Raising US$31 million in financing.

Proving that close sometimes counts in more than horseshoes, Guild ESports raised US$25.8 million. The company made its debut on the London Stock Exchange this morning. After an initial surge, it settled into a price of US$8.15 a share.

News is groundbreaking!

The news is groundbreaking for other reasons. Guild becomes the first ESports franchise to enter the London Stock Exchange. With official recognition comes mainstream legitimacy for the world of ESports.

In addition to Beckham’s stake, Guild got off the ground with backing from Blue Star Capital, which also owns part of Canada’s the Drops Esports. Futhermore, also included is Dynasty ESports of Singapore.

Money raised on the LSE will be used to signs top ESports players to compete in official leagues. Futhermore, those leagues will include Fortnite, FIFA, Rocket League, and CS:GO. The long-term plan is obviously to establish Guild as more than an ESports organization.

Add ESports to Beckham’s successes

American-based companies like FaZe Clan have positioned themselves as lifestyle companies. However, instead of selling just ESports, they are selling a brand, with merch a major part of the business plan.

Back in June Beckham said this: “Throughout my career I’ve been lucky enough to work with players at the top of their game, And I’ve seen first-hand the passion and dedication it takes to play at that level. I know that determination lives in our esports athletes today and at Guild we have a vision to set a new standard, supporting these players into the future.”

So add ESports to Beckham’s successes.

Having enjoyed a major boom during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, ESports is projected to generate $US1.1 billion in revenue this year.

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