Determined to spend more time with his family, Topson steps back from Dota 2

Topson, second from right on the OG Dota 2 team, wants to spend more time with his family.

Dota 2 superstar Topson had decided that some things are more important than the glory and the paycheques that come with top-tier esports. The Finnish OG wunderkind has announced that he’ll be stepping away from the keyboard and competitive play to hang out with his wife and new daughter. While that might be great news for his family, it’s not so great for the OG esports organization as another one of its stars, Ceb, announced his retirement earlier this week.

In announcing his decision, the man known to his parents as Topias Miikka Taavitsainen said ““I wanna thank all the fans, everybody that’s been supportive all these years, even now when it’s been harder. It’s been really nice to have that fan base, and I’m just gonna take a chill pill for a year or something, stream for you guys. Just have some chill vibes.”

At the moment the Dota 2 midlaner has hinted that he’s only interested in walking away for a year, but the danger of course is that family life will get its hooks into him. The 23-year-old spent months away from Dota 2 last year and at the beginning of 2021, his time split between online play and in person competition with OG in the DPC regional leagues.

Topson stepped back!

After OG crashes out of T110 International event earlier this year, Topson took a step back, revaluated his life, and then realized that the best way to move forward was to take a break and spend some time with his family.

While he’ll be hanging more with his wife and daughter, Dota 2 superstar Topson won’t be totally off the radar. Watch for him to surface here and there as a content streamer and creator. And doubts that all this has caused a rift between the Finnish star and the esports organization can be shot down by the fact that Topson is currently on the inactive roster. That, of course, leaves the door open for his return as some point in the future.

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