Digital editions of real casters to helm Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Legend Series action

In what might be the most meta thing that you hear all year, the upcoming Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Legend Series will feature computer-generated versions of real casters commenting on digital soldiers controlled by flesh-and-blood humans. Sound confusing? That’s alright, because it kind of is.

Allied Esports is behind the initiative for the broadcast. Teaming up with motion-capture aces Xsens, the self-described premier esports entertainment company will give the CS: GO fans animated versions of casters Thiadrik Oldersma and Robert Jan Kortooms. So instead of watching the real Oldersma go crazy over a perfect kill, his avatar will be front and centre. The same goes for Kortooms.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Legend Series action will get underway April 10, with Allied Esports’ AE Studios in Hamburg, Germany operating as digital ground zero. Things will wrap up on April 12.

Those with a device and Internet access can tune in to the livestream on Twitch, where Allied Esports has both North American and European channels.

Anyone having trouble wrapping their heads around what the avatars will look like can use the mega-smash movie Black Panther as a reference point. That’s because the MVN motion capture system employed by Xsens was used in the movie.

Still not sure what that might look like? Rent Black Panther and then pay attention to the action scenes. Trust us—there are far worse ways to spend your money.

In a news release, Allied CEO Jud Hannigan said, “As gaming and esports viewership continues to grow, we need to push the boundaries of competitive content to provide new and engaging viewing experiences for our audiences and partners. We’re thrilled to make history again with the Legend Series and use Xsens’ innovative motion capture animation technology to create a first-of-its-kind broadcast experience in esports.”

The seventh installment of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will come with a sweet paycheque. On the line in the winner-take-all showcase is nearly US$6 million.

There’s also nothing stopping you from getting a piece of the action, as wagering from the general public has been approved. Eports data provider GRID will deliver official data to regulated bookmakers and approved platforms for sports betting.

A live-server will distribute Allied Esports’ CS:GO Legend Series data to official bookies as it happens, enabling bettors to wager in real time.

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