Dreamhack Gets Ready to Reward Fortnite’s Best with an Ongoing Big-Payout Tournament

All your hard work just might pay off.

If you’ve spent the past few pandemic months honing your already considerable Fortnite skills, get ready for a possibly major payoff.

DreamHack has announced a new tournament where US$250,000 will be up for grabs each month.

Centred around Fortnite, the DreamHack Open will run from a July 17 kickoff until January of next year. The field will consist of players in Europe and both the East and West regions of North America.

Following an open signup, 500 players from two initial rounds will advance to a grand-final qualifier. From there, 100 of the tournament’s best will move to a grand-final round where the $250,000 prize will be split among the three different regions.

Action will be broadcast on DreamHack’s official Fortnite channel on Twitch.

In announcing the ongoing tourney, DreamHack’s chief product officer said:

“We had a tremendous experience hosting huge open participation Fortnite competitions at DreamHack Winter and DreamHack Anaheim just a few months ago. While we aren’t currently hosting any mass gatherings, we’re very excited to produce what will assuredly be some amazing online events and we look forward to the future.”

For information on how you can begin using the DreamHack Open to pad your bank account, go here.

Mike Usinger once took the better part of two years to finish Grand Theft Auto. Over the course of his career he has written about everything from eSports to music to movies to travel.

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