EGLX and Pocket Gamer Digital Connects give fans more to look forward to



The League of Legends World Championship and the Overwatch League Grand Finals have both wrapped up for another year. As a result, it might seem that esports fans have little to look forward to as 2020 grinds to a close. Wrong! There’s still EGLX Digital and Pocket Gamer Digital Connects #4.

Both events are brought to us by the fine folks at Enthusiast Gaming. Enthusiast, as you may know, is a Very Big Deal. How big? Well, consider that back in August, the Toronto-based company announced its acquisition of Omnia Media Inc. As the owner of Luminosity Gaming as well as the Seattle Surge and Vancouver Titans (of the Call of Duty and Overwatch Leagues respectively) Enthusiast was already a major player. Its purchase of the multi-channel YouTube platform Omnia made it even bigger. According to an August 6 press release, Enthusiast is poised to become “the largest gaming media, esports and entertainment platform in North America by users, with 300 million video game and esports fans monthly”.

That’s how big.


So, what’s EGLX, you ask? It’s a live-streamed event aimed at gamers. EGLX will run from November 10 to 13 on Twitch. Naturally. Highlights include a showcase of major titles coming to next-generation consoles; a Call of Duty tournament for paraplegic gamers hosted by Rocky No Hands; and the final showdown of Team Luminosity’s Rising Stars competition.

As for Pocket Gamer Digital Connects #4, it’s a major B2B event for the mobile-games industry. Running online November 9 to 13, it will see over 1,500 attendees tune in to 200 expert speakers delivering panel discussions and keynote addresses on 16 different tracks and topics.

Adrian Montgomery, CEO of Enthusiast Gaming said in a November 3 press release, “Enthusiast Gaming became the largest gaming network in North America and the U.K. by creating unique fan experiences for Gen Z and Millennial gamers. The content we provide on our websites and YouTube channels provide the bedrock where gamers interact with each other, get breaking news, follow their favourite influencers, and show support for their Esports teams. EGLX and Pocket Gamer Connects, are two of our most valuable communities and embodies our commitment to creating unique and authentic gaming experiences.”

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