GearHead: Esports legend missharvey does good on multiple fronts with ÉLEVEY


A Canadian pioneer in the world of esports and gaming has stepped up to make the world just a little more styling. You probably know Montreal-based Stephanie “missharvey” Harvey as a force in the world of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. She’s a five-time world champion. Now Harvey’s launched an apparel collection called ÉLEVEY, which hits the streets and web with the backing of Represent.

In what may or may not be an indicator of how she gets a lot done in time frames that seem superhuman, Harvey claimed in a press release to have been working on ÉLEVEY for “months”.

“It’s a culmination of everything I’ve learned so far—about esports, about myself and about what I stand for,” she said in the release. “ÉLEVEY is branded as a Digital Citizenship Company, rooted in promoting healthy interactions online and in the real world.”

The apparel collection called ÉLEVEY has rolled out its first collection, dubbed “rose water”. It includes hoodies, jackets, and unisex tops. It also features face masks to get you through these COVID-19 afflicted times.

Harvey’s current gig is an esports franchise development and outreach director for Counter-Logic Gaming. Before that, she also served as a game designer for Ubisoft Montreal. That background and gaming history informed many of the decisions she made with ÉLEVEY.

Recalling that the esports apparel of yesteryear tended to be ill-fitting, unoriginal, and decidedly unflashy on the branding front, she stated the following: “With ‘rose water’ we put comfort first, closely followed by meaning,” says Harvey, “We’re being very strategic in how we position this brand. It’s not about being my fan. It’s about being your own fan.”

ÉLEVEY hopes to move the needle

A major goal of ÉLEVEY will be to move the needle on the way people interact with each other in the online world. Cyber-bullying continues to be a major problem. An Internet connection gives people the feeling they can ignore normal societal norms.

“It’s all about how to be a better person,” Harvey noted. “We tried to put that into apparel, a physical sign of ‘Hey, I stand with you, I’m all about making the world a better place.’ ÉLEVEY is about uplifting one another, and putting ourselves into the world as the best digital citizens we can be.”

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