Embrace the true spirit of the Christmas season with 5 Days of Melee

5 Days of Melee

If December is famous for one thing—besides guaranteeing bankruptcy in January—it’s folks adopting the attitude it’s better to give than to receive. This year that’s more important than ever. The best way to show you know we’re all in this together is opening your wallet or purse for charity. And an easy and fun way to do that is by embracing the upcoming 5 Days of Melee fundraiser.

The Super Smash Bros. event has been spearheaded by MeleeItOnMe to raise money for DirectRelief, which helps out those who’ve been affected by disease, poverty, and disasters of all kinds. And by disasters, there’s been a major one you might have heard of this year called COVID-19.

DirectRelief has been there for those who’ve been affected on multiple levels in the United States. The organization has distributed 46 million N95 and surgical masks to healthcare workers, as well as 8 million gloves. It’s also funneled US$36 million to health facilities across America.

The 5 Days of Melee fundraiser takes place December 14 to 18, and can be watched via streaming on Twitch’s Beyond the Summit Smash channel.

5 Days of Melee a 108-hour celebration

In announcing 5 Days of Melee, organizers called it a 108-hour celebration that will walk viewers through the history of competitive Smash Bros. and those love it. Highlights will include speedruns, gameshows, exhibitions, and panels. Also part of the festivities will be a live-tournament EU Series, podcast, a Smash Sisters crew battle, and Smash Bros. battles pitting total pros against. average joes.

Portions of qualifying action for the LACS 3 will also be played live on stream over a two-day period, December 16-17.

To help contribute to the fundraiser you can make a direct contribution by going here.

You can also purchase commemorative merch, including long-sleeve and short-sleeve T-shirts that will be rolled out closer to the event.

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