Epic aims for a more cohesive experience as it announces 2021 prize pool

Professional Fortnite players can look forward to US$20 million being on the line for the 2021 season. With the COVID-19 pandemic still raging across all corners of the globe, all competition will be taking place online, starting with February 4th qualifiers. Finals meanwhile are scheduled to get underway March 12th. A more cohesive Fortnite 2021 season is also a goal.

The US$20 million that’s up for grabs represents a bump up from last year’s overall prize pool of US$17 million. Still, giving us a window into how much COVID-19 has altered the worlds as we know it, that’s still a significant drop for 2019. That year there was US$30 million in professional Fortnite money.

The Fortnite Championship Series will consist of four seasons, as well as various tournaments. Each season will have a US$3 million payout. The rest of the money will be earmark for tournaments, which haven’t been announced yet.

The Fortnite news from developer Epic Games doesn’t stop there. There are numerous format changes for the season.

These include:

  • Players will compete in a single cross-platform player pool. This allows players on multiple platforms to play together as teammates.
  • Weekly Qualifiers will have an additional Round to pare down to the final lobby more gradually. See details below.
    Once qualified to the Semi-Finals, teams will be locked and not be able to play in additional Qualifiers. This means if a team directly qualifies to the Semi-Finals in Week 1, that team won’t be able to influence Week 2 or Week 3’s Qualifiers.
  • Semi-Finals and Finals will be played out on separate weekends to better manage both player fatigue and tournament operations.
  • All prizes have been shifted to the Finals.
  • The top three teams from each region’s Finals will auto-qualify for the next season’s FNCS Finals. Note: This change requires that all three members of the team remain together during the next season.
  • FNCS Champions and other consistent top performers will earn the opportunity to be invited to the mid and end-of-year prize competitions.
  • Slightly different scoring formats for single lobby vs. multiple lobby gameplay, to account for increased level of competition and the increased challenge of obtaining eliminations in the later stages.

The goal of all the above, is again a more cohesive Fortnite 2021 season. Epic said in a statement that it wants to “create better consistency throughout the year and tie the 2021 seasons together.”

For full details and the competition schedule, go here.

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