Epic Games Store takes a big step towards playing with the big boys

Don't pay a wooden penny

Every feel like the big boys—we’re talking Apple and Microsoft—have you over a digital barrel when it comes to shopping at an app store? If so, there’s good news today from Epic Games. The Epic Games Store has long been a place for PC games. But now it’s branching out into new areas.

Epic has secured deals to make available the iHeartRadio streaming app, 3D modelling app KenShape and painting app Krita. The biggest news is the addition of the indie game store Itch.io, which means that Epic now features a store within a store.

Consider the move a bold one for Epic Games—and one which aims to capitalize on the failings of the Microsoft Windows store.

You know what, bizarrely, you won’t find when you log onto the Microsoft Windows store? That would be insanely popular apps like Discord, Zoom, Adobe Creative Suite and Chrome. That’s kind of like running Apple Music without songs by the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Guns ’N Roses, Kendrick Lamar, and Elvis Presley.

The most interesting addition might be Itch.io, which give valuable exposure to independent game developers with a “pay what you want” system. Remember, only a horrible person pays a wooden penny for something that they secretly believe to be worth about $54.99.

Interestingly, Epic won’t be profiting from Itch.io should you decide to do the honourable things and fork over $54.99 for a game and then add a $5 tip. In other words, if, after downloading Itch.io from the Epic Games Store, the company takes no cut for things then bought through Itch.io.

The reasons for coming on board don’t stop there. Epic has had Spotify available at its games store long before today’s expansion news. Taking things to a new level is the opportunity for Fortnite Crew Members to get three on-the-house months of Spotify if they choose to sign up for the premium subscribers option.

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