ESL and DreamHack reveal CS:GO Pro Tour schedule for 2021


ESL Studio

ESL and DreamHack revealed their new vision for ESL Pro Tour Counter-Strike: Global Offensive today. The announcement makes it clear that the two ESports powerhouses have full confidence in the return of live events.

ESL has, in fact, previously announced a return to in-person competition. That will occur in nine months when the IEM Global Challenge gets underway in December.

Next year, however, the new Pro Tour format will see ESL and DreamHack host eight Masters CS:GO tournaments. Everything kicks off in Poland, with 24 teams competing in the Intel Extreme Masters Katowice in February. Group stages and finals will span two back-to-back weekends. According to today’s announcement, organizers designed this to reduce international travel time for teams and players.

“Planning ahead is key for all players and teams,” said Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen, a professional CS:GO player for Astralis. “Knowing the dates of all tournaments is very positive, and it helps us to better prepare for events. Less travel activity gives us more time to focus on the games and our upcoming opponents.”

State-of-the-art studio

All live events will take place within the newly-created home of ESL Pro Tour CS:GO. This will be a state-of-the-art studio specifically designed to comply with COVID-safety measures. As today’s press release explains, “The studio will act as a central hub for players and use the latest advances in technology to optimize the gaming experience for players and viewers around the world.”

“The new vision of ESL Pro Tour CS:GO is part of our ongoing mission to place players and fans at the centre of the esports experience,” said Ulrich Schulze, Senior Vice President Product at ESL. “The dynamic double weekend format will maximize excitement and content for fans around the world, while players will benefit from a more balanced competitive schedule. The time between the game weekends will now be used to create content specific to the players who make the playoffs. Wile teams prepare their tactics, ESL will create new trailers, interviews and tactical analysis tailor-made to every match-up at the weekend. With this new format, ESL Pro Tour will bring players and fans alike closer to the action.”

Find more info on the official ESL Pro Tour website.

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