Esports fans can looks forward to in-person action as Canadian E-Fest announced for Vancouver

As part of what’s being called Canadian E-Fest, Vancouver is getting a big-ticket esports event next year with a healthy prize pool part of the package. Those who’d rather watch competition in real-life than on a computer screen can also look forward to E-Prix racing on the streets of Northeast False Creek. Both are part of a multi-faceted three-day event being billed as Canadian E-Fest. In addition to a Formula E Race with a spectators’ stand, and an esports tournament at the former Edgewater Casino, the bid draws will also include celebrity races and a two-night concert series known as E-Live.

All events will take place over next year’s Canada long weekend, June 30-July 2.

First the thing that every keyboard warrior wants to know about. The groundwork for the Canadian E-Fest E-Sports tournament at the Plaza of Nations will be laid with spring advance qualifiers. By the time Canada Day rolls around the Plaza of Nations will host live qualifying action culminating with finals. The prize pool for the tournament will be $50,000.

While the big-name artists who’ll take the stage for E-Live won’t be announced until some point in the future, a gaggle of celebrities have been confirmed for an E-Prix pre-race event. Climbing into ElectraMeccanica three-wheeled, single-seat Solo vehicles, and then zipping around False Creek, will be the likes of Olympians Alexandre Bilodeau and Charmaine Crooks, and veteran actor Jason Priestley.

The main component of the E-Prix will be an all-electric race on the False Creek track. dubbed City Gate Straight. The electric race is the first of its kind for Vancouver, with city officials like Councilor Sarah Kirby-Yung excited about both the financial benefits of the event.

“The real driving force for me in pushing for Vancouver to be the Canadian host city for the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship in 2022 was economic recovery,” Kirby-Yung said at a press conference for E-Fest. “Stimulus events like this are significant for our city and hard-hit tourism sector, plus they bring hope and fun for residents. With climate change, we also need to advance the dialogue around and adoption of electric mobility and Formula E can inspire people to make those choices.”

In addition to the E-Prix, E-Live, and E-Sports events, there will also be a two-day E-Volve conference featuring activist Erin Brockovich as the keynote speaker.

Formula E co-founder Alberto Longo meanwhile called E-Fest an
event that will promote electric mobility while spotlighting the climate change crisis.

“The Canadian E-Fest will be an exciting, dynamic, innovative sports and entertainment event that drives the promotion of electric mobility and the fight against climate change in Canada and around the world,” he said.

“Working with our local partners, we are excited to bring the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship to the streets of Vancouver in 2022 and showcase the latest innovations in sustainable technology.”

Organizers of what’s billed as Canadian E-Fest estimate that the event will pump $80 million into the local economy while creating approximately 3,000 jobs.

For more information on Canadian E-Fest go here.

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