Steam fest underscores reality that esports has deep roots



Nothing happens in a vacuum. That includes video games and esports. Before there was Overwatch, VALORANT, Rocket League, and Fortnite people sat around good old-fashioned tables playing board games. Indeed, esports has deep roots.

Furthermore, admit it. You’re spending most of your days this fall staring at a monitor for six hours day, including watching your fellow gamers stream on Twitch. Right about now you could use a break from the digital world.

Futhermore, news is here on that front.

ESports has deep roots

Starting on October 21 and running to the 26th, the inaugural Steam Digital Tabletop Fest will examine where the physical and digital games worlds have collided over the decade.

Expect panels packed with experts including iconic designers, studio developers, and fellow gaming enthusiasts.

Here’s a short list of what you can expect from Steam Digital Tabletop Fest.

  • Plague Inc: Evolved: James Vaughan, game designer of the digital and physical version plays the digital game’s boardgame scenario. He will discuss the design of both versions.
  • Othercide: The tactical-RPG blending strong art style, unique lore and challenging tactical gameplay. It is presented by its art director and lead game designer.
  • Gloomhaven: llivestream, featuring the developers. They will will discuss the upcoming content for the next major update of Gloomhaven’s Early Access on Steam.
  • Virtual panel on games about Mars: Game creators will be joined by actual space agency staff and scientists. They will ask what games get right and wrong about Mars.
  • Virtual panel on Cthulhu games: Notable Cthulhu-themed designers from digital and physical ask about the cultural impact of such titles and more.

Just like olden times

However, because of COVID-19, you’ll be sitting in front on your computer for all of the above, rather than rubbing shoulders with your fellow enthusiasts at an old-fashioned long table straight out of a middle-earth banquet hall. Indeed, just like olden times.

Indeed, did we mention that esports has deep roots?

Futhermore, for a full rundown of the event, which kicks off October 21 at 10 a.m. Pacific time, go here.

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