Esports influencers to battle each other—and each other’s parents—in new tournament



A top esports company in the U.K. will bring generations of gamers together this fall. And by “bring together”, we also mean “pit against each other”. In partnership with Cadbury, Gfinity is pairing esports influencers with their parents for a new tournament.

Yesterday, Gfinity announced the formation of the Cadbury Heroes Parents League, which will see players competing against one another in a knockout competition.

Each of the league’s 12 two-person teams will consist of one gaming influencer playing alongside a parent or guardian. The tournament will involve a “leading games title”, according to Gfinity. Are you thinking Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Because we’re thinking Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

The tournament starts in early November

The influencers will be announced at the start of October—along with the game. After a training period for the teams, the tournament will start in early November.

Gfinity will broadcast the tournament on its YouTube and Twitch channels, and will host the final at the Gfinity Arena in Fulham, London.

You wouldn’t think that a company specializing in candy and snack foods would have a challenge reaching the gaming demographic. However, that is precisely Cadbury’s motivating factor for creating the tournament.

As Gfinity CEO John Clarke said in a press release, “A key pillar of our strategy is building communities of gamers for brands.  We are excited to be working with Cadbury in this way as it makes its first move into competitive gaming entertainment.

“The tournament provides an exciting opportunity to deliver an integrated campaign utilizing all our services including Gfinity Digital Media, influencer management, leading gaming content production and tournament play,” Clarke said.

“Typically hard to reach”

“We are excited to be working with Cadbury to deliver this new tournament and to help connect them with the typically hard to reach audience of gamers. This new project will play a positive part contributing towards Gfinity’s goal of being profitable in Q1 2021.”

Gfinity was formed in 2012. However, the company has seen its profile rise in a major way during the COVID-19 pandemic. In March, for example, NBC selected Gfinity to operate the online qualifiers and playoffs for the inaugural ePremier League USA.

The following month, Gfinity hosted the ePL Invitational for Sky Sports. More than 150 million people watched that tournament across all channels.

During the 2020 Formula One season postponement, Gfinity delivered eight virtual F1 races. The 2020 Sports Technology Awards named F1 Esports as the winner of the category Best Use of Esports by a Sports Brand.

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