Esports One Launches a One-stop Platform

E1 Fantasy

Esports One has good news for any fan who’d prefer to build their fantasy eSports team through careful research rather than gut instinct.

After two years of development and beta-testing, the Santa Monica-based data and analytic company has rolled out a one-stop fantasy platform.

Visitors can go here to create teams to compete with their fellow gaming enthusiasts, as well as dive deep into stats about players.

“Simply put, we’re building a platform for competitive viewing that
functions like a Bloomberg Terminal for esports,” Esports One co-founder Matthew Gunnin said in a release.

For now, the focus is strictly on League of Legends LCS and LEC regions, but the plans are to move into other eSports titles later this year.

In announcing the rollout, Esports One said:

“Following two years of development, the Esports One platform harnesses more than 2.3 billion data points accrued from 10 years of historical gameplay and nearly 100 million players. Rather than being dependent on game publisher’s APIs, Esports One uses computer vision developed out of MIT and CalTech to capture this data, enabling Esports One to expand to an unlimited number of titles. It then marries this with machine learning to drive proprietary, predictive insights that deliver 90% accuracy within 10 minutes of the start of each match. With the unprecedented amount of data at their fingertips, participation is transformed into a ‘competitive viewing’ experience that anticipates the future of interactive entertainment. Players can leverage this data to create their fantasy lineup and much more.”

Translated, that means you can build a perfect fantasy team in a number of ways on the site. After singing up for a free account, eSports fans will be able to compete for prizes and in-game items through private, sponsored, and geo-fenced leagues. They can also research historical stats on each player and their performance trajectory; read daily articles and watch interviews; watch streams embedded directly into the platform; and chat with friends on Discord before, during, and after games.

As in traditional sports, Esports Fantasy will feature a salary cap for each team. Participants will be able to add and drop players each week according to how they are performing.

Top teams will compete for weekly cash prizes of up to $US1,000, and season prizes of $10,000, $20,000, and $50,000.

Go here for full information:

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