Evil Geniuses make a statement with mixed-gender VALORANT team

All that matters is that you're better than the next guy. Or woman.


For whatever reason, esports has traditionally been seen as a man’s game, especially when it comes to the professional ranks. Google “Top esports earners of 2020” and you’ll end up with an endless myriad of lists, many breaking things with in-depth analysis. What they all have in common is that every list is nothing but dudes, with dudettes nowhere to be seen. That makes news of a mixed-gender Evil Geniuses VALORANT roster big news.

Esports know Evil Geniuses as one of the most famous and long-running organizations in the game. For today’s Champions Tour qualifier, the gaming and lifestyle operation has fielded a team featuring two women and three men. Importantly, that team features Christine “potter” Chi sitting in the team captain’s chair. Rounding out the squad are Claudia “clawdia” Che, Ronan “Osias” Jeremiah Javelona, Nolan “Temperature” Pepper, and Aleksandar Hinojosa.

The mixed-gender Evil Geniuses VALORANT team was build around Chi, who built her name and her brand at a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player. The 34-year-old American has also done time behind the microphone as an esports analyst. She is also a seven-time CS:GO champ in the women’s scene.

Using Twitter as a barometer, reaction to the mixed team was unrelentingly positive. Ontario-based @Cloud9 player C9 Mel, for example, tweeted “this is HUGE, really excited for this roster to make some waves in the scene.” Former Yahoo Esports editor @Zorine chimed in with “LET’S GO POTTER!!!!!!!”

Women VALORANT teams are a thing

It’s not entirely unheard of to have women competing in VALORANT, which instantly became one of the most popular first-person shooter games on the scene after making its debut last year.

Cloud9, which already had two VALORANT teams, added the all-female unit MAJKL to its roster last October. Sweden-based esports organization Godsent also signed an all-female roster to compete in VALORANT.

Evil Geniuses CEO Nicole LaPointe Jameson took to Twitter to suggest that there was one reason, and one reason only for the organization’s decision to put together a mixed team.

“To clarify for the people in the back that didn’t catch it the first time,” she Tweeted, “I don’t care where you come from. Nor your creed, gender, religion, class, past industry, or sexual orientation. If you are the best of the best, you have a home here at @EvilGeniuses.”

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