FaZe Clan Bunker Collection a reason to get excited after hibernation season

Too bad if you want the clock

FaZeClan photo/Twitter

FaZeClan photo/Twitter

Admit it: after a long winter—possibly the longest of your life thanks to COVID-19—it’s time to bloom. And that means ditching the pajamas and moth-eaten sweater that got you through the past five months for something with a little more flare. On that front, get ready to get excited because the FaZe Clan Bunker Collection has been announced.

The iconic gaming and lifestyle organization describes the new line as being designed to “showcase the intersection of FaZe Clan’s tactical style and streetwear”. The items for purchase includes T-shirts, hoodies, shorts, blankets, and clocks.

The look of the collection was designed by Blazzy, who drew upon military bunkers for inspiration, and then merged that aesthetic with gaming-culture style. Helping bring things from Blazzy’s mind to the sewing table and manufacturing outlets was JVY creative.

In a release announcing the Bunker Collection, FaZe clan said: “JVY paid homage to FaZe Clan’s Call of Duty roots by using cold undertones with the imagery and included prominent influencers in the streetwear community to model.”

Those influencers include Joy Divizn, a creative who was instrumental in perfecting the look of the Whole Lotta Red album by Playboi Carti. Also helping spread the word will be Lil Homie Anthony, notable for having his fingers in the skateboarding and streetwear worlds.

This hasn’t been the only big FaZe Clan news in the past week or so. Recall if you will Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray joining the organization as a member who will go by the name FaZe K1.

The big FaZe Clan Bunker Collection question as you come out of hibernation is, of course, what you’ll be paying to look like someone styling enough to actually know what the Bunker Collection is. Good luck getting a US$90 FaZe sniping blanket–those sold out instantly. Same with the US$60 FaZe Bullets clock. And the US$60 FaZe Troopers jersey. And the FaZe Annihilation hoodies.

Next time don’t hibernate so long. And console yourself with the fact that you can still get a K1 Tee for US$36 or FaZe Trust None shorts for US$45.

Items are now available at fazeclan.com.

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