Emails reveal lead-up to Apple’s Fortnite fight with Epic

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As we’ve been reporting over the past week, there’s a major fight going on in the world of ESports. And the fight between Apple and Epic Games can be traced back to Fortnite and the App store.

Epic Games wants it so fans of the first person shooter can use the app to buy Fortnite upgrades directly from the developer. Apple wants all purchases to go through the App store, where it gets a 30 percent cut.

Although it’s just recently surfaced, the battle stretches back to June. For the full backstory, click here.

It culminated with Apple kicking Fortnite from the App star last week. Furthermore, that let to an antitrust lawsuit from Epic Games. Apple in turn fired back with a lawsuit of its own.

Apple and Epic fight in emails

Documents filed show Epic CEO Tim Sweeney and Apple locked in an email back and forth earlier this year.

In June Sweeney wrote the following: “If Epic were allowed to provide these options to iOS device users, consumers would have an opportunity to pay less for digital products and developers would earn more from their sales.

“We hope that Apple will also make these options equally available to all iOS developers in order to make software sales and distribution on the iOS platform as open and competitive as it is on personal computers.”

However, when that goes nowhere, Sweeney eventually tells Apple that Epic is prepared to dig in: “Epic will, regrettably, be in conflict with Apple on a multitude of fronts – creative, technical, business, and legal – for so long as it takes to bring about change, if necessary for many years.”

iPhone users can’t update Fortnite

Apple iPhone users can still play Fortnite if it has been installed, but they can’t update the game.

Epic wants a restraining order that would put Fornite back in the App store.

Apple says that won’t happen unless the off-site payment mechanism introduced for Fortnite by Epic is eliminated.

Epic meanwhile is getting considerable mileage out of the battle. On August 23 there’s a #FreeFortnite Cup. Prizes available to be won include exclusive merch and gaming hardware.

To read the entire back and forth in a fight between Apple and Epic, grab a bowl of popcorn and go here.

Meanwhile, Epic announced a Marvel-themed Fortnite season earlier today.

Because Fortnite has been banned, Apple users won’t be taking part in the fun until some sort of agreement between the two companies has been ironed out.

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