G2 supports COVID-19 relief through branded face masks


G2 Esports

It’s a savvy move that nods to the messed-up reality of our times. Moreover, it supports a worthy cause while also amping up brand recognition.

This morning, German powerhouse G2 Esports announced the release of a #G2ARMY-themed face mask, in support of Charité, one of Europe’s largest university hospitals.

G2 will donate all proceeds to the Berlin hospital’s COVID-19 emergency-aid fund. The charity assists frontline medical workers in the fight against the coronavirus.

“We realize this is a challenging time for our fans around the world and want to do our part to fight against the coronavirus pandemic and support our communities,” G2 Esports CEO Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez said in a statement released today. “We are grateful for the brave front line medical workers who leave their homes every day so that we can stay safe in ours. It’s our hope that with the release of a branded G2 face mask, we can collectively come together as the #G2ARMY to play our part in fighting against COVID-19 while supporting our everyday heroes—healthcare workers.”  

G2’s partner Mastercard will cover the costs of production and shipping, and will match all profits from the sale of the face masks, which are available for $15 through G2’s official online merch shop.

Oh, and just in case it needed to be said, the mask’s listing includes a warning. “Please note: the masks are fashion pieces only—they are not intended for use in medical settings.”

To read more about ESports organizations’ branded face masks, check out Natalia Manzocco’s article on the topic.

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