GameBreakers documentary series puts gamers in the spotlight


Autumn Rhodes in GameBreakers

You already spend upwards of eight hours a day playing video games. That’s interspersed with an equal amount of time watching others do the same on Twitch. Right? Well, now get ready to carve out a little more screen time in your schedule. You’ll want to do that in order to binge all six episodes of GameBreakers.

The Canadian-made series debuted on Game+ earlier this month. In the highly likely event that you have no idea what Game+ is (join the club!), you’ll be interested to know that GameBreakers will hit Amazon Prime Video at the end of January. We’re presuming you’ve heard of Amazon.

Profiling the exceptional

According to the mission statement on its website, “GameBreakers is a new documentary series profiling the exceptional streamers, personalities and esports pros that are indeed the innovators, trailblazers and champions shaping the booming new world of online gaming entertainment.”

The series’ episodes focus on Abbe “DieHardBirdie” Borg, the world’s oldest esports champ; Twitch streamer Autumn Rhodes; YouTuber Gary “Gizzy Gazza” Merritt; Accelerate Gaming founder Alicia “AliciaXLife” Junus; Fortnite player Jaden “Wolfiez” Ashman, who at 15 became the youngest person to win US$1 million at an sports event; and pro Madden Football gamers Mr. Moss and Clutch.

GameBreakers strives “to go deeper into the person underneath the personas portrayed to their dedicated audiences,” the series’ site states. “We go deeper inside the joys and struggles that viewers don’t see through our privileged access to behind-the-scenes and intimate interview time with each streamer. We chart the path to their success and reveal what is behind their wild ride and the inside stories of their best on-stream or on-line game performances.”

GameBreakers arrives on Amazon Prime Video on January 31.

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