GameSquare lands a legend in skateboarding success story Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk and Justin Kenna. Photo courtesy of GameSquare.

One of the most recognizable and respected faces in American sports history has taken on an advisory position with an organization with a global reach. Skateboard icon Tony Hawk has joined GameSquare Esports. GameSquare chief operating officer Justin Kenna will lean on Hawk to help build connections between esports communities and traditional sports fans.

GameSquare calls Toronto home, with the company describing itself on a mission to “acquire additional assets and entities serving the esports market and, more broadly, in sports and entertainment.”

In announcing the partnership with Hawk, Kenna said, “Tony is an amazing person that is an iconic brand in his own right,” said Justin Kenna, CEO of GameSquare.

“We are humbled that Tony is willing to share his experiences in business, entertainment, sports, video games, and digital media with our leadership team as we grow GameSquare into a leading esports company. We have incredible people with amazing professional experience, and I look forward to working with Tony to accelerate our growth and our progress.”

Kenna praised Hawk for his longevity!

Kenna also praised Hawk for the way that, thanks to his longevity in the game, he’s able to appeal to multiple generations of fans. The skateboarder certainly knows what he’s doing from a business perspective. As a wildly successful entrepreneur, he’s given back to communities across America with his charitable organization The Skateboard Project.

The foundation has ponied up more than US$10 million for over 600 public skateparks in the $US.

In the release announcing that Tony Hawk has joined GameSquare, Hawk called his new partner a true innovator in the world of esports.

“Esports and video games are bigger than ever, so it’s paramount for companies to authentically connect great brands with hardcore fans,” he said. “Throughout my career, I have understood that perseverance, creativity, and self-confidence are critical to success. I believe that Justin is building something special; his vision for GameSquare is inspiring. I look forward to sharing my own experience and my approach to success with the GameSquare team.”

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