GearHead: Champion Athleticwear launches new Gamer Collection


Champion Athleticwear

We have already spent too much time discussing the question of whether you actually need special footwear to play ESports. (The answer is no, of course.) Today, Champion Athleticwear officially launches its Gamer Collection, and that raises a related question. Specifically, do you really need clothing designed specifically for playing video games?

Of course you don’t. You could play Fortnite in your underwear. And you have. Admit it.

The Gamer Collection is legit, though. Or, at the very least, Champion has given it the air of legitimacy by rolling it out in partnership with the likes of HyperX, Dignitas, VENN, PlayVS, the Esports Awards, and influencers FaZe Pamaj, Nate Hill and FaZe Blaze.

“Champion wants to recognize gamers and the unique style of the gaming world by creating apparel that celebrates their lifestyle,” the brand said in a press release. “Champion’s design team worked closely with gamers and athletes to find the ideal blend of streetwear, comfort and functionality. In doing so, they created a collection perfectly suited for gaming needs of all kinds.”

The result looks like a tracksuit. But not just any tracksuit! It includes features that are indeed relevant to the target market. For example: the hoodie includes an oversized hood designed to be worn over gaming headsets. Other gamer-friendly attributes include microfleece-lined pockets, and a top-loading pocket designed to hold a console controller.

Let’s give the last word to FaZe Clan Fortnite player Nate Hill:

“I’ve always loved hoodies, but this the first hoodie I’ve seen that was designed for gamers. It’s unique in a lot of ways from the oversized hood that you can wear with a headset to the oversized pockets, large enough to hold my controller. I’ve never had a customizable hoodie where you can take off and add different style patches for different looks. In addition to the unique features, this hoodie is super comfortable and stylish… I’m of the mind ‘look good, play good’; as a gamer this is a must-have hoodie.”

Nate Hill, FaZe Clan

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