GearHead: Gucci and Fnatic team up for a watch that’s not for window shoppers

Ever wonder whatever happened to Kreayshawn?


Fnatic X Gucci Dive

In the crosshairs

How do you send a message that your luxury brand isn’t solely aimed at chart-topping rappers, wildly successful stockbrokers, and Kreayshawn? If you’re Gucci, you make a move into the booming business of esports—where the paycheque for top players can often be big enough to impress chart-topping rappers, insanely successful stockbrokers, and—most of all in 2020—Kreayshawn. Gucci and London-based esports success story Fnatic have teamed up for a limited-edition dive watch. There are only 100 of them up for grabs, so move quick with your pre-order.

Style sheet

Perhaps as a way of preemptively answering the question “What’s a 19-year-old doing wearing a Gucci watch?”, each stainless-steel time piece is stamped with the Fnatic logo at the 6 o’clock mark. As for the colour scheme, that’s a no-brainer: black and orange. (If you have to ask why, you’re probably not interested.) Wristbands are made of rubber, presumably because that holds up better in the ocean, pool, or hot tub. And as for that waterproof front, if you can rip yourself away from following Fnatic’s Rainbow Six Siege or League of Legends exploits on Twitch for some free-diving time in the ocean, you’ll be able to explore depths of up to 200 feet without voiding the warranty.

Damage details

Even if you’re what 50 Cent likes to call a mad-as-heck window shopper, you’re probably well aware that Gucci watches don’t come cheap. Sure enough, you’re looking at $1,427 on the Gucci website. Don’t be thinking that the price tag gives you a bit of time to think things over before breaking out the credit card. Last year Louis Vuitton launched a League of Legends collection, which sold out before you could say “Whatever happened to Kreayshawn?”

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