GearHead: Nike set to drop special-edition Air Jordan 1s for LoL Worlds


This is good news for sneakerheads and League of Legends fans alike. Nike has announced a new footwear and apparel collection, just in time for the LoL World Championship.

Or at least we assume the collection will drop in time for the Worlds. The tournament, which takes place in Shanghai, China, kicks off on September 25. Nike, however, has not actually announced a release date for the new line of gamer gear.

Fresh new kicks

Nike is introducing a number of new sneakers for the capsule. These include LoL-inspired versions of the Air Max 90, Blazer Mid ’77 Vintage, Air Force 1 Low, Air Force 1 High, Air Max 270 React, Joyride Dual Run 2, and Air Max 2X.

The highlight of the new collection, however, is arguably the Air Jordan 1 High Zoom (pictured above.) Hypebeast reports:

Done up in white with black and iridescent, hi-vis reflective purple accents, it’s said to be inspired by the League of Legends championship trophy, features an indented Swoosh and is completed by a graphic that nods to the Summoner’s Rift map on the right tongue.


Fresh new jerseys

The range also includes four new jerseys. The teams representing China at the Worlds—Top Esports, JD Gaming, Suning, and LGD—will wear these.

Engadget reports that Nike took a similar approach last year, “giving eventual World Champion FunPlus Phoenix, Royal Never Give Up and Invictus Gaming new uniforms to compete in at the 2019 tournament.”

“All 16 teams in China’s domestic LPL (League of Legends Pro League) were then given similar shirts to play in during the 2020 spring and summer splits,” Engadget notes. “It’s likely, therefore, that Nike will do the same and give out new jerseys to the other LPL teams before the 2021 season starts.


Fresh new other stuff

Hypebeast reports that there are also “Conquest” bomber jackets, and that hoodies and tees with digital Swoosh hits and other gamer-centric adornments round out the collection.


Just as we don’t know exactly when any of this stuff will drop, we also can’t tell you what any of it will cost. Or where you’ll be able to buy it. Or, really, anything else. But it sure looks cool, doesn’t it?

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