GearHead: Steve Aoki gets nostalgic with Street Fighter apparel drop


Steve Aoki is a lot of different things. Globe-trotting DJ. Producer. Label head at Dim Mak Records. Memoirist.

Perhaps above all, though, Aoki is a gamer. He’s one of the owners of the esports organization Rogue, of course, but his love of video games dates back to his after-school arcade days.

Aoki put his fair share of quarters into Capcom’s coffers playing Street Fighter. So it was probably a serious nostalgia trip for him to team up with Capcom for what a Dim Mak press release calls “a triple knock-out collaboration”. The first two parts dropped today—namely an apparel collection and a limited-edition counter-cade. The latter is the result of a partnership with Arcade1Up. And it basically sold out the second it was released.

You can still get the apparel, though—if you’re quick on the draw. The Dim Mak x Street Fighter drop retails for US$38 to US$75. It consists of 12 styles including T-shirts, long-sleeved tops, and hoodies, “complete with bold graphics and colorways inspired by the arcade classic”.

And the third and final part of this knock-out combo? Dim Mak Records releases “Ryu’s Theme (The Moe’s Pizzeria Steve Aoki Remix)” on February 19. You can pre-save it here.

For the benefit of those who don’t remember what that Yoko Shimomura composition sounds like, here it is in all its glory from 1991’s Street Fighter II:


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