GorillA becomes the latest esports athlete to exit the game

Ever read something, and then wonder if someone, for all they’ve accomplished, isn’t without some major regrets? Take an announcement today from Korean esports legend Kang “GorillA” Beom-Hyun. The League of Legends icon took to Twitter with a simple Tweet: “In my final moment as a professional gamer, and my first moment as a man.”

If one were read things into that, it would be that the man also known as GorillA has looked back on his life so far and concluded that playing video games is for kids. It should be stated that, at the age of 26, he’s anything but a kid in the ranks of professional League of Legends players.

That said, he’s not exactly like Gordie Howe during the Hartford Whalers years either, as LoL pros are mostly between 24 and 27 years of age. Still, realizing that he’s getting up there, GorillA made a big life decision.

And given his long and illustrious career in the high-stakes trenches, it’s not likely he made that decision easily.

Major accomplishments included making four trips to the Worlds, and playing a big part in securing four LCK championships.

GorillA makes familiar admissions

In announcing his decision, Korean esports legend Kang “GorillA” Beom-Hyun made admissions familiar to anyone who’s followed esports this year. High-profile gamers like Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng, and Daniel “dafran” Francesca, and Jay “Sinatraa’ Won have walked away from the monitor and keyboard in 2020. In their exist posts on social media they’ve talked about burnout, stress, and a generally unhealthy lifestyle creating both physical and mental problems.

On TwitLonger, GorillA wrote this: “Of course, as I walk away, I will be leaving behind some goals I was never able to achieve as a professional gamer, and there are regrets that go with them. However, from this point onwards, I would like to invest my time not for myself as a player but for my future self.”

You can read his entire post here. And then read into it what you like.

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